Remi Kenazi in Bridgeview, IL 1/15/2012

Remi Kenazi in Bridgeview, IL 1/15/2012 p. 2

Three years later: Palestinians’ indestructible spirit teaches life to the rest of the world

Last summer, more 13,000 colorful kites filled the sky over the sea of Gaza. They were being flown by 13,000 Palestinian children, who set a Guinness Book of World Records for the most kites being flown at the same time. It was the fourth world record for the Palestinian kids participating in summer camps hosted by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in the last couple of years.

“I made my kite the Palestinian flag and when I fly it I feel like I’m raising my country and my flag up, up in the sky,” said Rawia Abd el Dain, 11.

That sense of hope and the children’s irrepressible spirits are shining examples that despite Israel’s cruel blockade, and its frequent shellings, bombings and shootings, Gaza teaches life. As the spoken word artist Rafeef Ziadah says, “Palestinians wake up every morning to teach the rest of the world life, sir.”

Today, three years after the start of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead, which massacred 1,409 Palestinians in Gaza – including at least 355 children – the American Muslims for Palestine remember those who paid the ultimate price simply for being Palestinian.

AMP honors the martyrs by standing with the Palestinians today who, by their very existence, are resisting Israel’s occupation and its siege on Gaza. And we promise that we will continue in our mission to educate the public, to raise awareness and to build a grassroots movement that one day will affect change in US foreign policy in the Middle East. We will not stop until Palestine is free from decades of occupation.

You can support the Palestinians in Gaza by taking advantage of the free resources AMP has made available.

  • Attend one of the several Gaza Commemoration events AMP is holding across the country.
  • Read “Rising from the Ashes: Gaza’s Indestructible Spirit,” to educate yourself about the siege and Operation Cast Lead.
  • Share the booklet with others.
  • Display a photo exhibit by downloading and printing our slide show.
  • Write letters to the editor or op-eds to educate residents in your communities.
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* Note: AMP is using the theme ‘Gaza Teaches Life’ with the awareness and permission of spoken word artist Rafeef Ziadah